Halloween Decorations

These are two of my favorite Halloween decorations to put up each year. They are cute, simple to store and put out each year. They were also pretty easy to make.


  • The first and third block are 5 ½” tall, 3 ½” wide, and 1 ½” thick
  • The middle block is 3 ½” tall, 3 ½” wide, and 1 ½” thick
  • The vinyl is orange and black. Orange for the letters and black for the small bat over the middle O.
  • The paint is white
  • The Boo blocks also have the word "JOY" in red on the back so you can flip them over and have a Christmas decoration. The O is a snowflake.


  • The long wooden block is 36” long, 5 ¼” tall, and 1 ½” thick
  • The vinyl is a light tan color
  • The paint is orange

I have a Cricut so I can cut the letters and images out to create these blocks. If you don't have a Cricut you can see if a craft store near you has letters you would like to use, or you can use a company like this to order custom letters.

I hope you have luck with these crafts!

Here are some other Halloween decorations I am using this year to get our home in the spirit of the season.  

Learn to make the cupcakes, cake stand, and candlesticks shown above!

And thanks to the lovely ladies at Eighteen25 for the fantastic Halloween subway art! 

Below is our best Halloween decoration, our pet, who happens to be a black cat. He is very fun to have around during Halloween. He often even sits in our front window, which we are hoping he does on Halloween night for all our trick-or-treaters to see.  

Happy Halloween!