Halloween Candlesticks

I actually bought these candlesticks to make Rachel's DIY Repurposed Candy Jars but Halloween was coming up quickly so I decided to make Halloween candlesticks instead. These are a perfect decoration to add to the house for Halloween and they are quite simple.

My candlesticks started black when I bought them (I got mine from Hobby Lobby) but if yours are a different color then I recommend spray painting them black.  

I used salsa jars as the top of my candlesticks. We ate the salsa and then I cleaned them up and painted the lids black. I thought about using black spray paint to lightly spray the jars black like I did when making my Halloween Cake Stand, but I decided to keep them clear to make it easy to see what was inside each jar. Totally up to you on what look you want.  

I created three labels to put on the jars that read "Goblin Toenails", "Sheep's Blood", and "Dried Warts". I used 3 1/2" x 5"  mailing labels and printed the labels I made on them so they would have a sticky back that I could easily put on the jars. You can download the labels I made below if you would like to use them as well.

I then filled the jars with the following:  

  • Goblin Toenails: Fritos scoops chips
  • Sheep's Blood: Water died red
  • Dried Warts: Popcorn kernels

I put the jars on the candlesticks and decorated them with fake spiderwebs.

I hope you can have fun with these candlesticks too! Fill them with anything you want, even Halloween snacks people can eat at your Halloween party.  

Download the candlestick labels here.