$3 Halloween Cake Stand

I was making these delicious Halloween Oreo Cupcakes and noticed that they looked ridiculous on my normal cake stand. The cupcakes were so Halloweeny and my cake stand looked like it should be holding a wedding cake. I needed something different for my cupcakes to be displayed on, and I wanted it to be cheap.  

I headed to the dollar store where I picked up a plate, a goblet (already partially black) and some candles (which turned in to me using fake spiderwebs instead, but I got the candles with good intentions). Each item only cost me $1.

I came home and used some black spray paint I already had from other various projects and lightly sprayed both the glass plate and the goblet.

My idea was to light the candle and stick it in the center of the goblet, which does look good but it turns out there isn't any air getting to the candle so it goes out pretty quick. Due to this, I switched over to putting fake spiderwebs inside the goblet instead, which I also like the look of.  

Then put the plate on top of the goblet and you are done! Your new cake stand is ready for cupcakes.  

Easy peasy. Give it a shot yourself if you are in need of a simple and cheap Halloween decoration, especially one to highlight the awesome cupcakes you are making.