10 Birthday Card Ideas

I feel like I am always in need of a birthday card and then I go to the store and see that just for the card it is $5! What is the deal!? Due to this, and the fact that I think homemade cards are adorable, I like to make the birthday cards I give to people if I can.

Although, it is hard to always come up with a new style of birthday card, a new design, a new stamp, a new idea. So, I have put together 10 great templates for birthday card ideas that you can use too! Now we can both reference this to get new ideas. If you give one card a year to a person you care about you will have their birthday cards taken care of for a decade! 

Ruffle Birthday Card

This card is pretty cute, and pretty simple. All you do is take a piece of paper and fold it back and forth like a ruffle and then glue it on your card. You can then take a piece of ribbon and do the same effect and put it on the top of your ruffled card. Add a Happy Birthday stamp and you are good to go! 

Birthday Hat Birthday Card

This is my favorite hat out of this group of ten cards. The hat is just precious. To make the hat you take a triangle shaped piece of paper and run it through a Cuttlebug or another embossing system using striped embossing template. You can put red ink on the embossing template before running the paper through if you want it to have the dark red lines. To make the hat topper you take very thin paper (like coffee filters) and cut them in to circles (using a punch if you have one). Crumple them up a little bit and hold them together with a small white brad. You can color the edges of the white paper with a stamping ink marker.   

Paper Ribbons Birthday Card

This card is quite simple. You use a Cuttlebug and a mosaic designed embossing folder for the background image. Then you take three different decorative papers and cut them to look like ribbons to add an accent to the card.

Felt Flower Birthday Card

This card is cute because of the embossed image in the background, and the fact that that sheet over hangs the edge of the card. The felt flower is also adorable as well as the decorative paper that runs through the embossed image. You can do the embossed image with a Cuttlebug and an embossing folder.  

Birthday Card in a Pocket

This is pretty simple, but looks more challenging. To make the pocket you take an envelope and use a big circle punch to punch out the edge of the envelope. You punch out the edge that does not have the flap on it, so it creates a long pocket. Then you tie a ribbon around it and you are done. 

Hexagon Birthday Card

This card was actually given to me, so I didn't make it and I don't have many tips. I thought it was so awesome though that I wanted to share it with all of you. The card is white and the brown hexagons are cut out of a brown piece of paper so I imagine the person who made it had a die cut that would do this shape. Then they used a hexagon punch to punch out the different colored hexagons and glue them in to the empty hexagon spaces.  

Pin Wheel Birthday Card

This card is pretty clever. You fold your card in half and glue the sides up so it can't be opened (I opened the top of mine to show you the inside). You use a big circle and put various images on it and put it inside your card using a brad. You then cut a circle out of your card on one side only so when you spin the big circle on the inside of your card you can see the different images through the hole you created. You can write your Happy Birthday message on the back of the card.

Pop Out Birthday Card

This card is simple but adorable. You take one of the stamps you want to put on your card and you actually put it on the inside flap of your card using a 3D pop dot so it will pop up. You then cut a hole out of the front of your card so the stamped image will show through.  

Highlighting Stripes Birthday Card

This is a great way to fancy up a card. Just take a strip of decorative paper and run it down the side of the card. It takes up space so the card doesn't look empty and it adds an extra element of color and design.  

Tri-Fold Birthday Card

This card is a different shape than a normal card. It is a long strip of paper that has been folded in to thirds, with one end of the back page of the card embossed and left hanging out so it can be seen when the card it closed. Pretty clever idea as a way to mix up the standard size and shape of a card.  

I hope you have fun making cards and celebrating birthdays with your friends and family!