Top 25 Things Needed for a Craft Room

I love to craft. I started crafting when my cousin's wife got me in to it. She loved card making, and still does, and told me all about how to do it, what to buy and how to make it fun.  Although, I never would have been able to start crafting if I didn't know where to start and I didn't have someone helping me.

My hope is that this list will help you get started crafting too!  

Feel free to ask any questions you may have to us through our comments and we can help you get started.  

Here is the full list, which you can download here for reference as well.  

1. A Paper Cutter 

This is so important. I use it every single time I craft.  

2.   Scissors 

You need at least two pairs of scissors, one pair for normal use and the other pair to cut sticky things, like tape. You don't want to get the scissors you use all the time to get all sticky because it makes them very hard to use. The blades stick to each other and whatever you are cutting.  

3. Photo Splits 

You can use a lot of different items for this same purpose but I use photo splits to put my craft items on to a page, so if I have stamped and image on to a piece of paper, I use a photo split to stick it to the card or scrapbooking page I am making. A lot of people also use EZ Runner Scrapbook Adhesives too. 

4.  Envelopes 

I am constantly needing envelopes to mail the cards I make. I get them in the card size, which is 4 3/8 x 5 3/4 and fits a piece of paper that has been cut in half and folded in half (so the size of an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper folded in to fourths).  

5. Stamp Set 

When I first started crafting I got a few stamp sets that were very general and covered a lot of different themes within one stamp set. This way I could make cards for a variety of purposes but I didn't have to spend a ton of money buying a stamp set for birthdays, one for Christmas, one for anniversaries, one for baby showers, etc. I could buy one stamp set and within that stamp set there was one stamp for each of these items. An example of what I mean is pictured below.

I get my stamps from Stampin' Up!  but you can get them at a variety of craft stores and on Amazon as well of course.

6. Stamp Pads 

In order to use your awesome new stamp sets you will need stamp pads. I got a set of 12 stamp pads when I first started but you definitely don't have to do that; you can get them one at a time as well.  

I also get my stamp pads from Stampin' Up!  but you can get them anywhere, other craft stores, Amazon, etc.

7.  Scrap Paper 

I am always using extra pieces of scrap paper to make sure I don't stamp all over my table.  

8.  Tidy Tray 

This is a great thing to have, but you can always use a piece of paper folded in half too. This is a tray to use when you are using glitter (or anything messy). You put glue on your paper where you want the glitter to stick, put your piece of paper in the tray, dump your glitter on the piece of paper, dump the excess glitter off the paper in to the tray and then put the little opening at the bottom of the tray back in your glitter bottle and use a paintbrush to brush the excess glitter back in to the bottle to save it for later. Easy clean up and no mess.  

9.  2-Way Glue 

You can use any glue for this but I love the 2-Way Glue because you can use it as actual glue, but also if you leave it for a minute to try it becomes more like a post-it note consistency, more like a temporary adhesive.  

I use this often to put glue on an image and then put my glitter on that image so the glitter only shows up in a certain spot of the image and not the entire thing.  

10. Bone Folder 

When I first started crafting I thought this was a silly product to spend money on, but I was definitely wrong! These things are the best. Whenever I would try to fold the thick cardstock I use to make cards it would honestly hurt my fingers (I realize this makes me sound like a baby) and I could never get the crease to be clean. With a bone folder both problems disappear.  

11. Pop Dots 

These are the best, they make it so you can put embellishments or stamped images on your card or scrapbooking page in 3D, they pop the image up off the page since they are thick little sticky dots.  

They come in a mini size and a regular size.  

12. Glue Stick

I buy glue sticks in bulk at Costco because I go through them so much. I use them to glue pictures on to a colorful piece of cardstock to help give a scrapbooking page more color and definition around pictures and for a myriad of other reasons.  

13. Glue Dots 

Glue dots are used to help stick heavier items on to a card or scrapbooking page to ensure they don't come off. I use them for buttons and sometimes flowers, or for holding together a piece of paper I have crumpled up for one reason or another. They are stronger, sticker and more pliable than regular Photo Splits or just using a glue stick.  

14. Brads 

Brads are great, they come in varying sizes and designs and can be used to hold a flower on to a card or as an embellishment themselves.

15. Super Sticky Tape 

When putting ribbon or a 3D object or something heavier than paper often regular photo splits won't keep the object on the card or scrapbook page. You can use super sticky tape instead to help with this.

16. Versamark Stamp Pad 

A Versamark stamp pad leaves a watermark look on your page. You can use it to have a stamp be a background image on a particular or use it to stamp an image, then put embossing powder down and emboss an image on a page.  

17. Scrapbooking Paper 

You always need colorful and creative scrapbook paper to use as a background for your scrapbook pages or to cut pieces off for decoration on cards or scrapbook pages. You can get it in a book or individual sheets.  

18. Border Punch Strips 

These are used on a scrapbook page to highlight the words you are putting on the page as a header. You put the strip down on the page and then you can put letter stickers on the strip that spell out whatever you want. It adds a great look and makes the words stand out against the actual scrapbook paper, which can sometimes be busy.  

19. Stamp Cleaning Pad 

When I first started stamping I was very young and I hated cleaning the stamps after I was done. My mom would have me use a toothbrush and scrub each stamp individually and then leave them out to dry. But now I have this awesome cleaning pad for my stamps, so after I use them all I do is spray them with the cleaning spray (see #20 below) and then rub my stamp on the wet side of the cleaning pad and then the dry side and the stamp is all clean. Perfect!

20. Stamp Cleaning Spray 

This is the spray used with the stamp cleaning pad (#19 above). You spray it on one side of the pad and then rub your stamp on the wet side, and then rub your stamp on the dry side and your stamp is clean. 

21. 3D Flowers 

Having paper flowers to add to a card or scrapbook page with a brad is so simple and it adds a great look and good color to the page. These are great when you have an empty spot on your page but you don't know what to fill it with. 

22. Blender Pen 

I just learned about the blender pen and it quickly became a staple for me in my craft room. This is the best and easiest way to make an image look watercolored. You take the pen and rub it on your stamp pad to add ink to it, then you use it just like a pen and color in your image or the outline of your stamped image.

23. Ribbon 

Having a great collection of different colors and styles of ribbon is so helpful. You can put ribbon on almost anything to add a little flair or color. You can tie it in a bow or just wrap it around a card, or around one image you have stamped on a separate piece of paper and added to a card or scrapbook page.  

24. Punches 

Having a few standard punches is very helpful. I like these two punches because you can punch a large flower as well as a smaller circle and put the small circle on top of the large flower. This creates a flower but you could also stamp and image on the small circle if you wanted to highlight it.  

This is a 2 3/8" flower punch and a 1 3/4" circle punch

25. Glitter 

Glitter is a great way to add some shimmer to a project. It definitely makes it a little more girly but it also makes a standard card special in a lot of cases. You can use it with the 2-Way Glue pen (#9 above).  

I hope you find these items useful and can get started crafting! Have fun and don't worry about it looking perfect, just be creative!