If Kisses Were Snowflakes...

I am very lucky in the fact that I really really really really really love my husband. To the point that we are that obnoxious couple that people think are 'too in love'. I figure if we are going to spend eternity together then there is no such thing as 'too in love'. I am even more lucky that my husband loves me just as much as I love him.  

Kitty and Rachel are often telling us that we are super adorable in a way that isn't annoying or disgusting like some other mushy couples can be, which I appreciate. They tease us in a friendly way and we tease back. We just consider ourselves lucky to be so happy together. 

Due to this, my husband is the inspiration behind these two free printables I created for you. I hope you love them and can print them out and put them up in your home or give them to someone you love.  

They will download as a PDF and you can print them on nice color printer paper or cardstock, trim them, and frame them if you like.  

Download the "You Are My One and Only" piece here.

Download the "If Kisses Were Snowflakes" piece here.