How to Cut a Pineapple

I'm pretty sure that I'm part of the 'canned' generation (not sure if that's a thing, but I'm making it one). Sure we had the basic fruits in the house, but anything slightly exotic came in a can. While super convenient, those canned fruits are also loaded with all kinds of crappy high fructose corn syrup and the like. For me that mean unfortunately I hadn't ever had the experience of cutting up a pineapple. Crazy, right? So when one showed up in my co-op order, I was left to my own devices to figure out how to crack one of these bad boys open to get to the deliciousness inside. Turns out it was pretty simple! Sure you can get it cut up at the grocery store but the machine they use can waste upwards of 35% of the actual fruit itself! So check out the super easy tutorial to find out the simple way to cut a pineapple.


1. Cut off the top and bottom of the pineapple. 

2. Slice off a side of the pineapple. 

3. Starting on the edge of skin, cut the skin off like you are peeling it. 

4.  Don't go too deep that you waste the fruit, you just want to take off the skin. If there are any brown parts left on the yellow flesh, you can cut them out with the knife or the end of a potato peeler.


5. Next, slice the pineapple like a loaf of bread to the thickness you desire. 

6. Using a sharp knife, cut the round core out of each slice of pineapple. 

7. You can leave the rings intact, or slice them into smaller bits. 

8. That's it! All you have to do to enjoy that sweet and tasty pineapple!