My Cat "Q"

A while back, I decided that my dog Suzie needed some more responsibility in her life, and I figured getting her a pet would be just the thing.  (Plus I was living in a basement with spiders, and cats eat spiders, so...)

So I began the search for a kitten.  I wanted a cat that was playful, and interactive and wouldn't hide when people came over.  I went and looked at the animal shelter several times.  Every time I went, I found a kitten that I loved and thought, "I will come back later today to get her", but I never did.  Then one day I went during lunch at work and there was this little kitten with the longest whiskers I've ever seen.  She was standing on her brother and meowing like crazy.  I took her out of the kennel and she just started purring and looking at all the other cats with this look of superiority because she knew she was getting out of there.  (She was totally meant to be my cat.) 

Now a year later, that adorable kitten has turned into an equally adorable and crazy cat.  Her name is Q.  (That's right, my pets are Suzie and Q.)

One of Q's quirks is that she REFUSES to lay, walk, or sit on the floor.  She pretty much plays "the floor is lava."  She will hop from place to place, and try to touch the actual floor as little as possible.  She will be on the couch and want to get on the computer chair.  Instead of hopping down and walking to the chair to get on it (like most cats would), Q hops from the couch, to the coffee table, to the bookshelf walks along the desk and hops down onto the computer chair.  (Never once touching the floor)  She's pretty talented at it at this point.  Also, if there is anything on the floor that she can lay on, that is not the actual floor, she will lay on that.  (i.e. blanket, bag, laundry, etc.)

She's kind of awesome, and I love her! 

Here are some pictures of the different places you can find her.  (They were all taken within an hour.  I just followed her around with my camera.)