Emergency Crisco Candles

In an emergency I know that I will want light. When I was in college someone ran in to the telephone pole outside my apartment complex late one night. Due to this, we lost all power in many of the apartments near mine and since it was night time we didn't have any natural light either. It was pretty dark in our apartment.

We had made friends with a lot of the other students living in the complex and since I had a simple 72 hour kit that included some pretty big candles, some matches, as well as a bunch of batteries for large flashlights everyone came over to our place and we hung out throughout the evening until the power came back on. I was the only one prepared for such an emergency and I was so grateful I was.  

I have always believed in being prepared, but now that I am responsible for a larger area than my college apartment I want to have candles that will last longer and that can light a bigger area. As it turns out, Crisco burns :), which means you can store cans of Crisco for two reasons: One in case you need light you can turn them in to candles, or in case you need food you can use the Crisco to cook with. It is a multifaceted emergency storage item, which I love. Depending on what you are running low on (light or food) you can use the Crisco for either of them.  

Making the Crisco candles is a lot easier than I thought it would be. Here is what you will need and directions:

What you need 

  • Crisco cans
  • Candle wicks - I got the ones that did not have a silver tray at the bottom as the base of the wick
  • Bamboo skewers


  1. Open the Crisco can
  2. Balance the wick on the end of the skewer
  3. Insert wick and skewer in to the center of the Crisco
  4. Remove skewer only
  5. Trim the wick until it is about an inch above the Crisco
  6. Pack Crisco around wick using your fingers
  7. Light with a match or lighter

Since I plan to use my Crisco for either light or food I made only one of the 5 Crisco cans I bought in to a candle to begin with. I then wrote on the top of my Crisco cans if they were to be used for either food or a candle, or just a candle, along with the date.  

I then wrote the directions of how to create a candle out of a Crisco can on to a gallon size Ziploc bag and I stored my extra wicks and skewers in that bag. I store the bag next to the 5 Crisco cans in my emergency storage.  

I hope this works for you - good luck!