DIY Fire-Starter

A few years ago the ladies and I started going to a bonfire up the canyon several times every summer. And while we might have traveled up the canyon with bags upon bags of items in preparation for our 2-4 hour bonfires, we usually forgot to bring kindling of any kind. In fact, there were several times that we resorted to using tampons. While tampons do work in pinch or in an emergency, they are certainly too expensive and precious to waste on starting a fire.

I decided it would be a wise idea to make some fire-starters on the cheap to save our tampons. So I started collecting my dryer lint and toilet paper rolls like a strangely selective hoarder. I threw one together for one of our bonfires and it worked PERFECTLY! Not only are these great for camping, home fires, and bonfires - they are great to have with your emergency supplies as well.

If you're looking to save your tampons this summer, here's what you'll need:

Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Dryer Lint


Masking Tape

Here's what you do:

Stuff the toilet paper rolls with the dryer lint. If you stuff it too tightly, it will smolder so be sure to loosely stuff it so enough air can circulate and get the fire going. That's all you need to make the fire-starters. 

I do a little extra to be sure that we have enough kindling for our fires though. I wrap the toilet paper roll in newspaper and secure it with a piece of masking tape. I cut fringes into the ends of the newspaper and stuff them into the ends of the toilet paper rolls. Not only does this make it look cute (crucial), it also makes the newspaper more portable.

So that's it, that's all you need to do to make your own free fire-starters. Do your part to save your tampons from a fiery fate, and make yours today!