2013 Yearly Planner Download

Growing up my Mom always had a planner on her desk open to that month with lots of notes on each page, color coded by person, showing the appointments and places we needed to be. She still does this and at the end of each year she searches for a new planner. She wants it to be thin and easy to use, with places to put the events of each day on the calendar along with room for notes. This particular set up is hard to find and so she ends up with a planner that shows the dates really well but doesn't have much room for notes.

I thought I would help her out by creating a yearly planner with everything she could dream of. While still keeping the planner thin, I added room for notes, to do's, grocery lists and special shopping lists. I love to keep everything together instead of have a planner with a bunch of post it notes and papers stuck in it and this new planner does the trick! No more separate grocery lists, Post It to do lists, and Costco lists written on the back of the Costco coupon book.  

What better way to spread my organization joy with this new planner than to give it away to all of you!

Download this 2013 Yearly Planner here

You will be able to download all the pages above, but to get it bound I just go to Kinkos. They bind it for you right then and it costs $5.33. I chose the spiral binding with the black back and a clear front.  


Check out all the pages of the planner below - it includes:

  1. A calendar page with holidays listed for each month
  2. Two Notes / To Do list pages for each month
  3. Grocery pages for each week. This includes five weeks per month and one Costco (or any bulk store) list per month.  
  4. A Back to School shopping list that highlights school supplies and clothes for the month of August.  
  5. A Thanksgiving shopping list that highlights food for the month of November.  
  6. A Christmas shopping list that highlights gifts and food for the month of December. 

Good luck getting organized!