12 Thank You Cards

I love to give handmade cards. I think they are gorgeous and help make the receiver of the gift feel special. I especially like to give a homemade card as a Thank You card. If someone has gone above and beyond to help me out, I like to say Thank You with something I created and hopefully they know how much I appreciated what they did for me.  

If you like to give homemade cards as well, then I hope these card making ideas help prompt an idea for a card that you can make with the tools and stamps you already have at home. I love having a number of cards hanging up in my craft room that I can easily look at and use as a template. I switch out the colors, stamps and other embellishments but the general look and feel of the card stays the same. I hope you can do the same with these Thank You card templates.

3D Flower Thank You Card

The trick to this card is to use a flower punch to cut out two white flowers. Then use a bone folder to curl up the edges to make the flower stand up off the page. Put the flowers one on top of the other to help with the 3D petal look of a flower.  Then just put another white stamped circle image in the center of your flower and you are done!

Criss Cross Thank You Card

I love this card because it is so unique. It also really isn't that difficult.
Start with a 12" x 12" piece of cardstock scrapbook paper. Cut it so that you have one piece that is 5 1/2" tall x 12" wide. Then measure out three sections of 4" wide that will cover the entire length of the 12" wide section. Score lines at the both 4" marks, so you will have a scoring mark at 4" and 8". Fold your paper along these scoring lines, which will give you a tri-folded piece of paper. Then cut your two edge pieces diagonally (feel free to score a diagonal line first if it helps) so you get the two half triangle pieces on the side of your card.

Now you can decorate it as you wish and put a ribbon or decorative piece of paper around it to wrap it up!

Regal Thank You Card

This card is great because it has so many layers. The large cut out decorative white piece is created using a die cut machine. If you don't have a die cut machine feel free to use a piece of paper in the shape of a rectangle, which will also look great.  If you do have a die cutting machine, this is the shape / die cut used on this card.

There are four layers on this card, plus the ribbon. You have the base layer, which is the actual card and is white. Then the stamped purple layer, then the die cut white layer, then the "Thank You" image layer and the ribbon.   Creating layers is a great way to give a card depth.  

Friendship Thank You Card

This card uses the exact same die cut image as the Regal Thank You Card above for it's yellow stamped image. It is created using the Big Shot die cutting machine, which you don't have to have to use this technique but it does look very nice.

What I love about this card is the contrasting colors between the yellow, black and white as well as that it is kept very simple with one large image, ribbon and a message of thanks.  

Grateful Thank You Card

This card uses either a die cutting machine or something like a Cuttlebug to emboss the background image. The Cuttlebug is cheaper but also smaller, which depending on what you want to cut or emboss could be a problem or it could be totally fine.

Once you get a die cutting machine or a Cuttlebug you can then buy the embossing folders in any designs you would like to create images like the background image on the below card.

The cut out piece of tan paper the Eiffel Tower is on is the same die cut image as used in the Regal and Friendship Thank You cards as the base of their cards, but it is just half of the cut out shape.  

Thank You Card Package

This might just be my favorite Thank You Card idea. You can give someone the entire pack and they have a few extra Thank You cards to use for others, or you can use each card one at a time and keep the pack at home yourself.

All cards don't have to be the standard 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" size. They can be any size you want! These little mini cards are 3" x 3".

To create the little pocket to hold them, just take a piece of cardstock that is 7" x 7". Score the paper in half both on the top and the side. Then cut the bottom two sections diagonally to create the half triangle shaped side to create the pockets. Feel free to score the diagonal line before you cut it as well if you would like.

This little pouch stores 4 cards on one side and 4 mini envelopes on the other. 

Mini Thank You Cards

This is another mini thank you card idea. These cards are two different sizes. The frog card is 2 1/2" wide x 3" tall; the pin flower card is 3" x 3". I just love being reminded to make smaller size cards on occasion instead of the traditional, full size cards.

Decorative Thank You Card

If you have one giant stamp, this is a great card for you. All it is, is a giant stamped image in the same color as the base card color. This image is perfect to put a button in the center of as well, which I love using buttons as embellishments but you can use anything you have.

Autumn Thank You Card

The idea behind this card is to make the theme of the card centered around the time of year it is that you are giving the card away. This card is perfect to give to a friend in the Fall, when leaves are changing color.

You can also see that the main image on this card has a number of leaves stamped in various colors and the stamping is very light. To do this, wet your stamp pad with your color of choice, then stamp it on a piece of scrap paper at least once, maybe twice depending on how much ink got on your stamp. Once you have stamped it on the scrap paper you can stamp it on your actual card - this will make the stamped image on the card very light.  This is a great technique so you can overlap stamped images and be able to see them all.  

Simple and Sweet Thank You Card

This is a great card to make when you don't have much time. It is the base card, a piece of decorative paper at the bottom, highlighted by a thin piece of brown cardstock to connect the decorative paper to the base card.

The brown flower is a punch and then you just put a stamped image on top of the flower and you are good to go. This card also includes a small flower brad embellishment.

Blue and Green Thank You Card

This is another great card when you are in a hurry. It is just the base card, decorative paper that has been punched with an edge punch, similar but not exactly like the one I am linking to. Then a quick piece of ribbon, a "Thank You" tag and three flower embellishments and you are done! 

Simple Thank You Card

This is a great quick and easy card as well. The unique idea here is to use a ribbon as the center of a flower stamp instead of a button or a brad, which is more common.  

You can always switch out a card like this to be used for any occasion simply by changing the stamp that reads "Thank You" to read "Happy Birthday" or "Get Well Soon" or anything you want!