Jello Oranges and Lemons

I had a few of my young cousins coming to visit my husband and I and I wanted to make them something fun as a a treat. With that in mind, what could possibly be better than Jello? I decided to make the treat a little more entertaining by putting the Jello in to orange and lemon slices instead of just a simple bowl. They loved it! It was a huge hit and it turns out the love Jello to begin with so I scored big. 

I love finding new ways to serve food to make it more fun, especially for kids! I hope you enjoy this as well.  

To do this, all you need to do is:  

  1. Cut some oranges and lemons in half and remove the insides.
  2. Make the Jello according to package directions.  
  3. Pour the Jello mixture in to the orange and lemon halves and place in the refrigerator.  
  4. When the Jello is solid, cut the oranges and lemons in to slices.