Flower Cupcakes

These are SO perfect for a girls birthday party! They are super simple, way easier than they look. You can even have the girls help make them!  

Here is how you make these and what you will need:



  • Yellow cake mix
  • Eggs, water and oil (ingredients to make your cake mix with - check the box)
  • Large white marshmallows
  • Large pink marshmallows
  • White whipped  frosting
  • Yellow and green food coloring
  • Dots gumdrops
  • White cupcake liners

Tip: I recommend the "Cake Craft" food coloring that I have pictured below in Step 3 but any will work. You can get them at most craft stores that sell cake making items, I got mine at Michaels. I tried to find a link on Amazon to show you them but they for some reason don't sell them, or I couldn't find them. These are probably similar, although I haven't used these exact food colors before.  


  1. Make cupcakes according to package directions.
  2. Once the cupcakes are baked, let them cool completely. If you don't, the frosting will melt when you frost the cupcakes.  
  3. Dye the white frosting with yellow and green food coloring; dye half of it yellow and the other half green.
  4. Frost half the cupcakes with the yellow frosting and half with green frosting. 
  5. Cut the large white and pink marshmallows in slices, cut them along the shorter edge of the marshmallows, not the long side. You can get about 4 slices out of one marshmallow; you will need 5 marshmallow slices per cupcake.
  6. Tip: You can keep running your scissors through warm water to help keep the stickiness off of them.
  7. When you cut the marshmallows they nearly make the petal shape already, but mold them with your fingers if needed a little bit to make the petal shape.
  8. Place a gumdrop in the center of each cupcake.
  9. Place the marshmallow slices around the gumdrop in the shape of a flower.