Father's Day Card

Father's Day is right around the corner! I swear both Mother's Day and Father's Day sneak up on me every year! It's not that I am not paying attention, but they change the date of the holiday every year! It is so sneaky...  

So, I figured out what to do for my fantastic father this weekend so he will get it in time (in the mail) for Father's Day. I wanted to make him a card to go along with it and so I put together the below. I wanted it to be simple, no flowers or frills considering it is for a man. I went with slightly darker colors and a simple design.  This card is a great way to use up some extra scraps you have lying around as well!  

1.   To make this card, start by choosing your base color and folding the card in half. To get the card to be 'card size' start with an 8 1/2 x 11 size paper and cut it to a size of 8 1/2" by 5 1/2", then fold it in half to create a piece that is 5 1/2" by 4 1/4".

I highly recommend a 'bone folder'. Someone recommended it to me when I first started making cards and I thought it was silly. But, I love mine! It helps make nice, clean folds, and it saves your fingers too :) 

2.   Now, you have to pick your colors. I picked 6 colors at first but then when I started putting the pieces on my card I like how 5 colors looked better, so I got rid of the other color of green I had chosen.  

3.   Once you have your colors, just cut strips. Don't cut one longer than the size of your card, but other than that, just cut away. Don't really measure, you want them to vary in width and height. You can edit them slightly as you place them on your card if they aren't exactly the size you want them to be.  

4.   I then first placed my strips on my card until I liked the way it looked. Then I taped / glued them on using my adhesive squares. When I actually stuck the strips on there was space for one more, so I added one.  

I also highly recommend getting a pair of scissors (I use a small pair, pictured below) that you only use for cutting things that are sticky. This way, you aren't constantly using sticky scissors for regular paper and having trouble. I call them my "Sticky Scissors". 

5.   Next I created my Fathers Day stamp, the highlight of the card. I used a Fathers Day stamp I had but you can use any stamp you would like. I get my stamps from Stampin Up! 

I started by stamping the image in green, the same color as the base of the card.  


I also highly recommend buying a stamping scrub pad and stamping spray to clean your stamps with. I used to hate stamping when I was a kid because we always had to scrub the stamps with a toothbrush and soap after we were done to get them clean. This is WAY easier and makes me love stamping! 

6.   Next I chose two of the colors I had used as strips on my card and used those to highlight the Fathers Day stamp. I chose yellow and brown. I cut out the stamp and used my adhesive squares to place it on a yellow piece of cardstock and then the brown piece of cardstock.  

7.   I finished off the card by placing the Fathers Day stamp on the card using 3D pop up dots. (And I got to use my "Sticky Scissors" again!) 

That's it! You really can use this card for any occasion by just changing out the main stamp. I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day with your family!