Utah High Adventure - Get Outside!

Are you looking for a fun Summer activity?! This is it!

My husband and I like to rock climb, rappel, canyoneer, etc. We love the outdoors and love to enjoy life outside. We have plenty of our own gear to go rock climbing and rappelling, but we recently had the opportunity to go to an Advanced Canyoneering class led by Utah High Adventure and we both loved it. 

My husband has much more experience than I do with regards to climbing, but he has also taught me a lot. He has been climbing since he was in middle school, while I just started a few years ago.   

The Utah High Adventure class was perfect for me! They taught me the main knots I would need and gave us plenty of time to practice. The coaches were very knowledgeable and definitely have done plenty of their own canyoneering so you knew they knew what they were talking about. It would be their life on the line too if they didn't!  

At the end of the class we got to do one rappel. There are many classes where you can do much more rappelling or climbing or canyoneering, but our class was geared more towards learning. Since my husband and I can canyoneer on our own, it was perfect.  

They have a variety of classes you can take such as:   

  1. Canyoneering 101: Learn to rappel
  2. Advanced canyoneering
  3. A day of canyoneering
  4. Rappel through a waterfall
  5. 5 day Learn to canyoneer
  6. Rock climbing 101
  7. Advanced rock climbing
  8. 5 day learn to climb course
  9. Mountain biking: Full Day
  10. Mountain biking: Half Day
  11. River rafting: Full day
  12. River rafting: Half day
  13. Horseback riding: Full day
  14. Horseback riding: Half day
  15. Tandem sky diving
I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!