Test Kitchen: Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars

Last Wednesday night I spent most of my night trying to figure out to make a freaking eclair. The recipe I had found just didn't cut it. I tried it. Twice. Now I'm no pro-baker, but as I've been baking pretty regularly for the last fourteen years, I can usually get a recipe right on the first try. And if not on the first, I will nail it on the second attempt. I'm not just trying to tell you how awesome I am, but to help paint a picture of my frustration Wednesday night. Now I'm just going to do everyone a favor by making a public service announcement: if you have not personally tried a recipe, please don't review it telling everyone how well it worked, how perfect it was, and how easy it was to make. Anyway, 2 batches of doubled eclair batter, 6 eclair video tutorials and about 45 minutes of web surfing for 'how-to make eclairs' and 'eclair recipes' later, I threw in the towel.

I went to work for Tasty Treat Thursday empty handed. I decided to let everyone vote on the make-up treat that I promised for Monday. At first I started getting an email reply or two, then one of our developers put all three options into a free voter website for everyone to vote on. That's when it started to escalate. Some people figured out how to skirt the system and give more and more votes to their favorite treats. I might have poured fuel on the fire when I replied to everyone to let them know that whichever treat had the most votes by the end of the day using whatever means necessary would be the winning treat and would be brought in on Monday. This led to several of our developers setting up scripts to run on several machines to vote up their preferred treat. After voting for a few hours, some heartfelt pleas for people to vote for particular treats, and taking down the voting site's servers for quite some time - the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars were deemed the winner.

I found the original recipe for these on Cooking with Libby. She uses a cookie roll but I much prefer to use a made from scratch cookie recipe. I used the recipe from our Peanut Butter S'mores Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars.

Personally I think they turned out divine! Give them a try and tell us if you think they were worth 11,468 votes! Find the full recipe at Cooking with Libby.