One Dozen Card Making Ideas!

We are here today to give you 12 card making ideas! That's one dozen!! All right here, in an easy to find location to kick start your imagination to make a special card for someone you care about.  

Let's start with a few birthday cards, which are probably the most commonly made cards out there.  

Card making comes down to the tools you have in a lot of cases, mostly the stamps in my opinion. The stamps can make or break a card so I get my stamps from Stampin' Up! because I think they are adorable. They change from time to time and so it is hard to link to the exact stamp sets that I have used below because some of them I have had for years and are no longer available.
What I would recommend is to check out the stamps they have available and buy the ones you like best. Honestly, the below cards can be made with any stamps, these are just templates and ideas so you can make them your own! 

Check out the Stampin' Up! stamps here 


There are two keys to this card. The first is using a Versamark stamp pad to stamp a background image like a watermark. To do this, you will need to buy a Versamark stamp pad, which is a stamp you use to make a watermark type stamp on to paper. It doesn't leave its own color on the paper, it just plays on the color of the paper itself.  

Then you can take any stamp and use the Versamark stamp pad to make the background flower images you see on the card below. Get a Versamark stamp pad and try it out! 

The second is using little buttons to highlight the background flower images by putting them in the center of each flower.

Then the "B is for Birthday" stamps can by any stamps you want! 


The key to this birthday card is to use two different punches that are the same size, one being a circle and one being a flower design to punch out a stamp. In my case I used a stamp that said "Celebrate". I stamped it in orange and then punched it out with my floral shaped punch. I then punched a circle punch out of orange paper.  This creates a nice touch to any card and is pretty easy once you have the two punches mentioned.

The second key is to use a button; all you have to do is get some 'super sticky' tape and tape it on to your card. Pretty cute! 


The keys to this card are to use a scallop edge punch to punch out the bottom edge of the decorative paper used near the bottom of the card. This adds a special touch to this card and makes it look more girly - so probably shy away from this technique for a birthday card for a man.

The second key is to use these adorable flowers I found that have cute little jewels in the center of them. They come in tons of colors and are so easy to use because they are already made and you just have to stick them on your card wherever you want them.   


They key to this card is to have a Cuttlebug. A Cuttlebug lets you emboss an image on the card in just a few seconds and it is so easy. Once you have a Cuttlebug you will also need to get the embossing templates; you buy them separately so you can get exactly the designs you like. I linked to a few of them but there are a ton, so find the ones you want and buy those.

All you do, once you have the Cuttlebug and the embossing templates, is to put the card in the embossing template and then run it through the Cuttlebug using the crank and you are done!

I added a special stamp to the inside of my card too to add a little something extra.


The key to this card is honestly the stamp set. I love this flower stamp set because it comes with a variety of petals and I can pick the ones I want to use for that particular flower. I am sorry to report that I can't find this stamp set online to link to it for you, but if you can find it it is called the "Pick a Petal" stamp set and Stampin' Up! made it when I purchased it.

Once the big flower is on the card all you have to do is add a stamp saying Happy Birthday! 

You can honestly do this card with any big stamp or image though; it absolutely doesn't have to be a flower. 


This card is great because it is super simple and quick to make. There are two keys, the first is to use a stamp to be a background image; I used one stamp and just stamped it over and over again to make a full background image. I used the Versamark stamp pad again to do this and have the image be a light watermark and not overtake the items I was putting on the actual card. This was important on this card especially because it is yellow (a light color) and using a real stamp pad would have left a more prominent color.

I then just used some pre-made 3D flowers I purchased and put them on the card with a brad. The flowers come in a ton of colors and I have a box of them that are a variety of colors, so find the color you like and grab some. Easy and adorable!

Let's move on to some cards you can use for Anniversaries, Valentine's Day or weddings.  


The key to this card is using a heart stamp and a heart punch. I stamped a heart as my main image, then I used a different stamp design and stamped another image and cut it out with a heart punch. I made that second heart off set from the center stamped heart image and used 3D pop up dots to stick it on to the card.

If you don't have a heart punch you can always just cut out a heart.  

I also used decorative paper as the background paper for my main heart image instead of using a solid color, which I think added to the card as well.  


The key to this card is the 3D hearts. They were punched out with a heart punch that I don't see is available at Stampin' Up! anymore unfortunately but hearts are easy to cut out so you can easily do this by hand if you would like to. The big heart was too big for a punch anyway so I already cut that one out by hand.  

I put the hearts on the card using 3D pop up dots, which I LOVE and use on almost every card.  

I also used a scallop punch to cut a cute scalloped edge on the bottom of the decorative paper I used.


The key to this card is the two toned look created by the base of the card (the top red color) and the green decorative paper on the bottom half of the paper. The green decorative paper has red dots in it that matches the color of the red base color of the card, which ties them together.  

The ribbon brings a bright color to the card and covers up the seam created when the green decorative paper hits the red base card. The ribbon is just tied in a knot, and not a bow, for a simple but cute addition.  

You can put any stamp you want on a card like this and adjust the colors of the paper and ribbon for any person or occasion! 


Switching gears a little bit, here is a baby card for you!

The key to this card is using decorative paper as the background image for nearly the entire card. I left a little border showing the color of the base of the card around the edge of the decorative paper.

I also used two different stamps and off set them, which is a fun look on a card. The key to one of the stamps is putting ribbon on the edge of just one of the stamps and not making the ribbon a main element but more of an accessory on the card.

To accent the other stamp I added a button as the top of the baby rattle handles. 


This is a card you can use for anything!

I showed this technique on the first card posted in this group of one dozen card making ideas but half the background flower stamps on this card are stamped with a Versamark stamp pad to give them a soft watercolor look. I then used a green stamp pad to stamp the other half of the flowers to give them a varying look.

Then I used a group of three ribbons and tied them together in a knot on the side of the card. I wrapped the ribbon around the inside of the card as well to tie it at the top.


This card is for when you have zero time whatsoever to make a card.

The key to this card is that it is just one page, it doesn't open - you write on the front of it that you are looking at. You put a ribbon around the top, tape it flat on the back of the card and then throw some pre-made 3D flowers over the ribbon with a brad and you are done!