Frosting Cupcakes Using a Decorating Bag and Tip

The first time I used a decorating bag and tip I had to call my Mom to ask her to spell it out for me on how to get it all set up. Due to this, I thought it might be helpful to put a short tutorial together with pictures.  

I find it to be so much easier to take a few extra minutes to get a piping bag together when decorating cupcakes than to spend extra time trying to make them look nice by frosting them with a knife or using a ziplock bag as my piping bag. I hope you find the same to be true! 

Here are the items you will need:

Here is how you set it up:

  1. First, I use disposable decorating bags. You can get bags you can wash and use again, but I have found it a lot easier to not have to worry about cleaning the bag when I am done - it is a mess. I also get 12" bags because they are a pretty versatile size but you can get smaller or larger size bags too if you find you need them later.
  2. Take a disposable piping bag and fold the top over. This is so when you put frosting in the bag later you don't get frosting all over the outside of the bag, you get it on the inside of the bag (the part you folded over).
  3. Put the larger side of the coupler inside the piping bag.  
  4. Cut the end of the piping bag off, so the tip is gone and the plastic of the piping bag ends at the same place the coupler ends.  
  5. Put the decorating tip inside the smaller end of the coupler.  
  6. Put the coupler on the end of the piping bag with the decorating tip attached to it, screw the coupler together. Now, if you want to change tips you can easily do so by unscrewing the tip and coupler end and then putting on another tip with the same coupler. You don't have to mess with the frosting in the bag at all.
  7. Fill the bag with frosting and go for it! I use the cup to put the decorating bag in it and then fill it with frosting because the cup helps keep the bag standing up so I have two hands free.  
  8. When filling the bag, don't fill it all the way full - you will need space to fold the bag over the top so the frosting doesn't come out the top when you are frosting. And, if you fill it too full you don't have as much control when frosting your cupcakes because your hands are at the top of the decorating bag to hold the frosting in instead of closer to the tip that is doing the decorating.  

DONE! I hope that made sense. Feel free to post questions or contact me with anything you need help with.

Download these instructions here.