Saying Thank You to Santa

Santa Claus is always so generous to us each year, so I decided it was important to say thank you!   Since Santa is very hard to catch on Christmas Eve I decided to make a special plate to put the cookies we were leaving out for Santa that night that says thank you to Santa. I actually couldn’t decide between “Merry Christmas, Love the (insert your last name here)” or “Thank You Santa!” so I did them both.

All it took was a cheap plate from Target, some vinyl, and my Cricut.

I never thought I would have a Cricut because they were fairly expensive, but then I found out you can get one used on Amazon for a great price! My used one was in perfect condition when I got it.

The other reason I was originally hesitant to purchase a Cricut was because I knew how expensive the cartridges were ($60 - $90 each) and I thought I would never want to buy a cartridge at that price. But, then I, again, looked on and found that I could get them for way cheaper ($20 - $30 each) so I went for it. I knew I wasn’t going to need a ton of cartridges anyway for what I would be using my Cricut for.

Quick Tip: I also was able to get a few cartridges for $10 on Black Friday. I heard it is a nightmare to try to go to Roberts or Michaels to try to get the good deals there because people line up way early and it is a battle. But, I met a nice woman at Walmart who let me in on a little secret, which was to bring in the Black Friday ad for Roberts or Michaels to Walmart (where Cricut cartridges are not on sale and there isn’t a brawl going on for them) and you can price match whatever cartridge you want that Walmart has.

Here are the steps to make a plate like this:

  1. I got two different plates, one red and one white with cute polka dots on it, from Target. I paid less than $2 for each of them. They can be any size you want as long as they are big enough to fit the message you want to put on it.
  2. I decided what I wanted to say and used my Cricut to cut out the words and the designs I used; My letters are each 1” tall.. One of my cartridges is an “All Holidays” cartridge so it has some pictures for each of the main holidays, which I used to do the pictures in the center of each plate.  Here is a cute Christmas cartridge you could use.
  3. I lightly placed the letters and images on each plate before I pushed them down fully to secure them, just to make sure everything would fit and be in the right place.
  4. That’s it! Once you are done putting the letters on you have your very one “Santa” plate for your kids to enjoy!
  5. Remember to hand wash this plate by just wiping it off. The vinyl won’t stand up to a good hand washing or the dishwasher.

When I did this project I also used it as part of my neighbor gifts. I got each a plate for each neighbor and put their last name on it using the "Merry Christmas, Love the (neighbor's last name here)". I made cookies and put them on the plate with a little card explaining the “Santa Plate” idea and gave them away. It was easy and a hit!