Holiday Block Decorations (for every holiday!)

I can never find good Thanksgiving decorations and since it turns out that Thanksgiving is my husband’s favorite holiday I had to come up with something. I have decorations for all the other holidays but my family never really did much for Thanksgiving (in fact I usually ended up traveling with a friend over Thanksgiving instead of even celebrating the holiday before I got married) so I didn’t have any decorations for Thanksgiving.

To solve this, I started making some decorations. This is one of the decorations I made that I think turned out pretty cute and it was super simple. So simple in fact that I ended up making more of them – one set for almost every holiday!

I am sure you have seen variations of these before but I like the way I did it because of the variety you can add to the product. The craft I am talking about is stacked wooden blocks. You can paint your blocks any color you like, put any words on them you choose, and then tie a fun ribbon around the blocks to help keep them together and add a cute element.

I chose to put more than one set of words on each block so I could rotate the blocks later and make different sets of words. You can mix and match them as you like as well. So, each set of pictures you see below, for example the three pictures for the Christmas blocks, are all on one set of blocks – I just rotate each block and put a new word on each side.

Here is how you make these and the words I chose:

1.  Cut out three blocks in the following sizes:

  • Base block: 9” long x 3 ¼” tall x 3 ¼” deep
  • Middle Block: 7” long x 3 ¼” tall x 3 ¼” deep
  • Top Block: 5” long x 3 ¼” tall x 3 ¼” deep

The blocks we used are from a main piece of wood we bought at Lowes that was originally a 4" x 4" size. My husband actually cut and sanded my blocks for me and created a rounded corner on each block. I think you can pay a little bit more at Lowes or Home Depot to do this for you as well. It is probably worth it.

2.  Sand your blocks to clean up the edges, as well as round the corners.

3.  Paint your blocks any color you like (the colors I chose are listed below) and wait for them to dry.

4.  Cut out vinyl letters and put them on your blocks in any order you like. I have a Cricut and so I used it to do this for me. My letters are each 1” tall.

I was a little hesitant to purchase a Cricut because I knew how expensive the cartridges were ($60 - $90 each) and I thought I would never want to buy a cartridge at that price. But, I then looked on and found that I could get them for way cheaper ($20 - $30 each) so I went for it. I knew I wasn’t going to need a ton of cartridges anyway for what I would be using my Cricut for.

5.  Stack your blocks on top of each other and tie a ribbon around them in a bow. My ribbon was 1 ½” wide x 87” long. I cut it longer than 87” and then trimmed the edges. The 87” really is approximate. I just put the ribbon around my blocks and cut where I thought it looked best.  I also matched the color of my ribbon to the color of the base block.

The words and colors I chose for each holiday were:


  • White, Pink, Red, Red Ribbon
  • Love, XOXOXO, Sweetheart
  • Hugs, Kisses, Be Mine


  • Red, White Blue, Blue Ribbon
  • Proud, To Be An, American
  • Stars, Stripes, Fireworks
  • USA, Honor, Freedom


  • Orange, Green Black, Black Ribbon
  • Witches, Pumpkins, Trick or Treat
  • Ghouls, Ghosts, Goblins


  • Yellow, Orange, Brown, Brown Ribbon
  • Turkey, Stuffing, Pumpkin Pie


  • White, Red, Green, Green Ribbon
  • Christ, Angels, Believe
  • Elves, Santa, Reindeer
  • Tree, Presents, Stockings

That’s it! Now you have a decoration for each holiday!

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