750 Gallon Emergency Water Tank

My husband and I live in an area where we could be wiped out by an earthquake; I know... why do we live here? Well, we aren't the only ones but honestly I have no idea...

In an effort to prepare for the inevitable, since someday this earthquake will come, we try to have as much on hand as possible to survive for a while without the basics. One of the things that is often overlooked when preparing for something like this is water. One active adult needs about 600 gallons of water to survive for one year at a minimum. This is a lot of water but not much if you are using it for drinking, cooking and sanitation needs; it amounts to 1.6 gallons per day. 

So, for two people that is 1,200 gallons of water. Where in the world would we store that much water!? Using big 55 gallon water drums would end up taking up our entire basement. We had to come up with something else. So, we decided to go vertical - if we stored the water vertically it would take up so much less space.

We found a 750 gallon water tank and bought it!  

If you do something similar you will need to build a base to put under the water tank to get it off the ground but also so you can get water out of the spigot at the bottom. You will have to install the spigot yourself and get a culinary grade hose to fill it with so you can drink the water without any trouble. 

I hope this can work for some of you! Feel free to send in questions about this if you need help!