Candy Bar Bouquet

My husband is so wonderful and gets me roses at least once a year for Valentine's Day, our Anniversary or my birthday., and I love them. So, this year for our anniversary I wanted to get him a bouquet, but flowers just wouldn't be the same for him as they are for me, so I made a candy bar bouquet with some of his favorites! It was really quite simple. Here is the finished product.  

This is really quite easy and you could totally make one of these for your honey or a friend anytime. I used a vase I already had on hand as well as ribbon and tissue I had kept from other gifts I received in the past. I also had a bag of skewers left over from when my husband and I made shrimp skewers for dinner. So, all I had to buy was the candy! I picked two of each candy so the bouquet would be symmetrical as well as Reese's miniatures and Reese's fun size since those are my husband's favorite.  

I started by filling the vase with Reese's miniatures and then put the tissue paper on top of the candy.   I used masking tape to tape the skewers to the back of the candy bars like this:

Then all I had to do was assemble the bouquet! I put one candy bar on each side and stuck it down in to the actual Reese's miniatures so they would stick where I wanted them to; I did have to skewer some Reese's miniatures to do so :) Here are some pictures showing some steps to assembling the bouquet. 

I also decided to put some extra candy around the base of the vase when I set it up for my husband.  

I hope you have success with this idea for someone close to you!