Best Airline Ever

This might take me a while, but trust me, it will be worth it.

5 months ago I am sitting at work on a Tuesday afternoon when I get an e-mail from a friend from an airline I have never heard of.  I pull it up and see that they are running specials to Honolulu, HI for $99 each way!  I know what you're thinking..."No Freaking Way!"...but I kid you not.  I start thinking, I am going, but I can't go alone, so I walk around the office and start talking to a co-worker and I tell her about the deal.  "Let's go!"  So I go back to my desk and purchase the tickets. 

So we start talking about why we think they are so cheap. (Of course, we start doing the logical thinking AFTER we purchase the tickets)  We start thinking we are going to be flying to Hawaii in an old Army cargo plane where we are strapped to the walls for our "safety."  (Just to clarify, that DID NOT happen.)

Here are the caveats;  It's pretty much a la carte travel.  You pay for any baggage (we paid $25 each way for our carry on luggage).  You also pay to get an assigned seat.  (We did not pick our seats, however, I had a middle seat on the way out and a window seat on the way back.  They pick the seats for you, and we were able to sit together.)  They also don't offer any "complimentary" beverages or snacks.  All of their services like that you have to pay for, which let's be honest, I looked at tickets on other airlines and they were $300 more than what I paid...I would rather save $300 and pay $2 for my soda than to make sure everyone gets a free soda.  I also found out that they fly out of smaller airports because the fees are lower, thus keeping their prices lower, but they mostly likely have one close to you.

Now - I am sure you are reading through this whole thing wondering who this "Mystery Airline" is...and I won't keep you waiting any longer.   Allegiant Air is the awesome airline I have been describing.  The crew was AMAZING, the flight was on time, and all in all, $248 round trip to Hawaii, you can't beat it.

I will definitely be flying with them again.