Thanksgiving Decoration Makeover

My parents came to visit us for a weekend and for some reason my Mom thought I wanted this............

Oh my gosh! Why in the world would I want this?! I could not fathom why this little gem made the 1,000 mile trip out to me, but it did. It is ancient and disgusting and the list goes on. So, I had to do something. It nearly went straight in to the garbage until I thought of this idea.

First step, it went in to the dishwasher. When it came out, I only needed two things (white spray paint and ribbon) to create this new Thanksgiving decoration.

It is pretty self explanatory but this is all you have to do, and you can do it with nearly any object like this.

Use white spray paint and slowly spray paint layers of white on to the turkey to cover the current paint. Do slow layers, so one thin layer - wait for it to dry, apply another thin layer. If you do one thick layer the spray paint will drip and create uneven layers and drips throughout the paint job. Just take your time. I used a spray paint that was a paint and primer in one so I didn't have to worry about primer.

Once the many layers of white paint are dry (I waited over night) I took three different colors of ribbon and tied them in a double knot around the base of the turkey for a little color. I chose Thanksgiving themed colors, green, brown and red.

What a difference some spray paint makes!