What to Pack to Go Camping

My husband and I met while rock climbing outside up a canyon close to where we live. I have always loved the outdoors but to be completely honest I had no idea what I was doing. We were there with a larger group and he noticed me and came over to provide his expert advice on how to climb. I was grateful to accept his help.

 He got me all strapped in and I was able to slowly but successfully climb the wall and get back down without any major incidents. I thanked him for his help and promptly left with the friend I had shown up with.

I thought nothing of it our meeting but my now husband apparently did because he proceeded to successfully stalk me on Facebook to find me again. He contacted me and we became fast friends and are now happily married. I am so glad he was persistent. 

The point of this little story is that both my husband and I love to be outside doing anything we can - climbing, rappelling, canyoneering, camping, hiking, or just going for a walk with our dog. Due to this, we have plenty of equipment for our adventures and have put together the below list in hopes that it will help you be prepared for an adventure as well!

Feel free to download this list here!

Have a great time exploring the outdoors! Take lots of pictures and enjoy time with friends and family.