Decorative Christmas Frame

The motivation behind this craft was the clothespins - how cute are they?! I just had to find a way to use them. They are so easy to make too!

All you do, is take regular clothespins, and put washi tape on them in any color you want! I used four clothespins and put Christmas colored washi tape on one side and Halloween colored washi tape on the other side. This way I can use the above frame for both holidays.

Once I had the Halloween clothespins, I just had to try making this in to a Halloween Frame too!

Now, I bet you are all wondering how to make the rest of this frame. It is just a few easy steps.

1) Take a regular frame, I used an 11x14 frame that I just had lying around. Take the glass out.

2) Take a piece of wire and use hot glue to adhere it to two of the top corners of your frame on the back.

3) Once the hot glue dries, you are done! You just use your washi tape clothespins and pin up any pictures, cards or decorative items you want to display for Christmas, Halloween or any holiday!