How to Pack Like a Pro

Back in February a couple of us took a week long trip to Hawaii.  Since we were trying to do it as cheap as possible, we all decided to just take carry on luggage.

I am typically not the best packer.  Even when I try to pack small, I can never zip my luggage without some kind of squishing happening.  I started looking for ways to best pack small, and came across a lot of tutorials on how to roll your clothes to pack them in tight.  Which is also how my father taught us how to pack when we were little.  However, I still have trouble fitting stuff in, even when I rolled everything.

Then I came across something called "flat packing" where you lay everything as flat as possible...this method is pretty much MAGIC! 

Using this method, I was able to pack the following into a carry on;

7 Shirts

3 Pairs of Pants

1 Skirt

2 Swimsuit Coverups

2 Swimsuits

3 Pairs of Socks

1 Beach Towel

2 Pairs of Shoes (I wore a third on the plane)

All my toiletries



Snorkel Set (Fins, Mask, and Snorkel)


Below is a great video showing this method.  I hope it helps you as well.