The Wonder of the Miche Purse

When I first heard about Miche purses I could not believe someone had not thought of the idea sooner - I was in awe at how amazing it would be to not have to pull everything out of my purse and relocate it in to a new purse just to switch purses. I just had to get one, and so I did.

To be honest, they are a little pricey, but completely worth it once you have purchased the starter set. At that point you have the basic purse and all you need to do is buy the various shells, or designs, that go on the outside of the purse shell.

Let me back up a little bit in case you have never heard of a Miche purse. The general idea is that you purchase a base purse in the size you prefer, I happen to own the Classic Bag and the Prima Bag. I love the large size of the Prima Bag. Example images of these two base bags are below, you can see other base bag sizes here.

Once you have the base bag you can go to town purchasing all sorts of shells that will cover the black base purse. The shells attach using magnets that are on the base purse and the shell, so you can change the design of your purse at any moment without having to clean out your whole purse! Here are some of the designs that I love and own, but you can find all sorts of designs, they call them 'shells', here! The first two below are the larger, Prima, size bag and the rest are the Classic size. The bags don't come with the green bow, I got that separately and tied it on.

As every girl needs, these purses also come with some great standard pockets. The Classic bag comes with two stretchy pockets on one side and a zipper pocket on the other. both fantastic for keeping personal items, a pen, cell phone, and anything else you can think of.

The Prima purse has even more pockets! It has three pockets, two on the long edge and one on the short side. One of the pockets has a ring for a pen to go on and 4 slots for important cards to go in, like your driver's license, credit cards, etc. On the other side of the purse there is a large zipper pocket - you can fit SO much in there, which I absolutely love.

I hope you find as much joy in the Miche purse as I do. I love bags, and so this is such a perfect purse for me to have. It makes a great gift as well, I would love to have gotten the starter set as a gift - and then getting a new shell every Christmas would be amazing!