DIY Spring Wreath

My wonderful Sister-In-Law taught me how to make this adorable wreath just this last weekend! We got together for a girls weekend with all my Sister-In-Laws and my Mother-In-Law and we had a blast! We got to go glass blowing, which was amazing, and we spent a day crafting. One of the crafts we made was this adorable wreath, which can be made in any colors that fit your style.

If you want to make one of these wreaths yourself, here is how you can!

1) You will need two rolls of burlap (which is the blue color in my wreath), one roll of colored wired ribbon (the brown and white polka dots in my wreath), a wreath ring, and some pipe cleaners, cut in half. It is best if your pipe cleaners match the color of your wire ribbon if possible.

2) Take the blue burlap and fold it in half, wrap a pipe cleaner around it tighten the pipe cleaner. Then attach the blue burlap to the wreath ring with the same pipe cleaner. Attach it to the wreath ring on the ring closest to the center.

3) Fold the blue burlap in half so it makes a big loop. Then push that big loop through the opening in the wreath ring closest to the center. Do this again and push it through the center opening in the wreath ring, and then again and push it through the last opening in the wreath ring.

Continue to do this as you make your way around the wreath ring. You will have three loops in a row and 6 total loops in each section of the wreath ring.

4) When you have completed your first three loops and you make the move to start a new row of three loops you will have the problem where your burlap gets in the way, as shown below in the first picture. Just scoot it over so it isn't in the way anymore, also shown below in the second picture. This won't cause any problems.

5) You will want to try to keep the burlap on the back of the wreath as tight as you can to ensure you have enough blue burlap to go around the entire wreath.

6) Since you have two lengths of blue burlap, you will need to end the one length at begin another. Do this by doing the same thing you did in step 2 with the pipe cleaners. Just fold the blue burlap in half, tie a pipe cleaner to it, and tie that pipe cleaner to the wreath ring. Do this to end one length of blue burlap and to start the next.

7) When you are done with the blue burlap steps, your wreath will look like this.

8) It is now time to add the decorative wire ribbon, which in my case was tan with white polka dots.

Take the end of your wire ribbon and attach it to the wreath at the same location as you want your big bow to appear. So, if you have any imperfections in your blue burlap that you would like to hide with your bow, choose that location to start your wire ribbon.

Attach your wire ribbon to the wreath ring in the same way you attached the blue burlap - tie it with a pipe cleaner and then use the pipe cleaner to attach the wire ribbon to the wreath ring.

Since you have three blue burlap loops you will need to decide if you want one blue loop on the outside of your wire ribbon, or two on the outside and one on the inside. I chose to have two blue burlap loops on the outside and one on the inside of the decorative wire ribbon.

9) I also chose to attach my wire ribbon to my wreath every two loops, you can do this at any interval you would like. So, every two loops moving down the wreath I put a pipe cleaner through the wreath ring, then attached that pipe cleaner to the decorative wire ribbon so it would stay on the wreath and tied off the pipe cleaner.

10) Once your wire ribbon is connected around the entire wreath, go back and use sharp scissors to trim off the excess pipe cleaner pieces so they don't show.

11) Create a bow for the top of your wreath separate from the rest of the decorative wire ribbon, you will connect it separately as well.

Here is a video showing how to make wire ribbon bows - I only did two loops on each side of my bow and this tutorial shows three loops. You can make as many as you like.

Also, as a tip for when you are watching the video, the reason you keep twisting the ribbon after making each loop is so that the right side of the ribbon is facing outwards and you can see the decoration on the ribbon.

Once you have created the wire ribbon bow, attach it to your wreath using one full size pipe cleaner.

12) You can make these bows in any color and for any holiday! Here are some examples - these are the bows the rest of my family made when we got together.

Wreath rings come in all sizes too, so you can pick any size that is right for your decoration. You can also add an additional embellishment to your wreath like the L hanging in the center of the orange and green wreath.

Good luck with this craft!