11 Easy and Cute Thank You Gift Ideas

I am a very lucky girl - I have some really wonderful people in my life who are always there for me to help in big and small ways.

I recently went through the super fun experience of getting my tonsils removed - let me tell you... when you are an adult that is not a good time. We had a stream of people coming by our house to drop off goodies (mostly popsicles) and anything else we could possibly need. One friend brought me a bouquet of sunflowers (my favorite) and some cookies for my husband; another friend brought us dinner, and a lot of people brought us popsicles and checked in to see if I was doing okay.

I had to ask some friends to cover some of my normal responsibilities for me while I was recovering as well and they were all more than willing, I had more people offering to help me than I had tasks for them to do. People went out of their way to make things as easy for me as they could and I could not have been more appreciative.

I wanted to thank my friends and co-workers for going above and beyond to help me and so I went on the hunt for some great thank you gifts. I found some amazing and creative ideas and wanted to share them with all of you!

The gallery below will show some of my favorites, click through the gallery to find the one you love and then click the image and you can see exactly how to make it. There is a list of each item below the gallery as well for convenience.