Easy Candy Corn Cupcakes by Love, Pomegranate House

I saw these cupcakes and immediately started to drool. Do they not look delicious!?  I am a sucker for sweet treats - and I mean sweet - I have no idea what people are talking about when they say things are too rich, or it is too early for brownies. It is never too early in the day for brownies.

So during Halloween one of the sweetest treats I can find is candy corn; I love the candy corns shaped like little pumpkins the best. And the white chocolate candy corn M&Ms that came out last year are delicious. 

You can imagine how excited I was to find such a great candy corn cupcake to enjoy this Halloween as well! Check out this recipe at Love, Pomegranate House. We hope you love it! 

Get this candy corn cupcake recipe here!