Thank You Candy Bar

Do you ever need a quick and easy thank you gift for someone? I often find myself in this situation. Mostly it is because I have gone out of town for the weekend and have asked someone to take care of something for me - teach my primary lesson for me at church, take care of our dog if both my husband and I are gone together, give us a ride to the airport, or etc. Everyone I ask is so willing to help that I want to say thank you to them in some small way to let them know I appreciate the extra time they are taking out of their day to help us.  

One of the ways I have found to do this is through delicious treats. We always have milk chocolate Hershey's candy bars on hand because they are and essential ingredient for Smore's making, which we keep in our 'Campfire Bag', which is the bag of items I keep on hand so I can grab it and go up to a campfire with some friends. I don't like having to pack all that stuff each time, bug spray, paper towels, smore's ingredients, flashlight, paper plates, roasting skewers, fire starter, etc. etc. etc., so I keep the bag packed and put aside for easy use since we love campfires during the Summer.  

The last time I needed a quick thank you, I grabbed two Hershey's candy bars and wrapped them up with some cute scrapbook paper, used a thank you stamp, a decorative flower, ribbon and twine and made this great Thank You Candy Bar! It was a hit and I felt good about being able to give my friend something when she came to pick us up to take us to the airport.  

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