New Baby Card - Learning to Watercolor

Homemade cards are great for personal events like baby showers and weddings. I made this card for a baby shower for a friend who was having a little girl.

This card has a lot going on but it really is just a lot of different papers stamped and stacked on top of one another. Here is how to make this card.

1. Choose your paper colors, ribbon, decorative paper and stamps.

2. Cut your base card color (in my case pink) paper to a size of 8 1/2" by 5 1/2" and fold it in half to create a piece that is 5 1/2" by 4 1/4".

3. Cut a piece of brown paper to be 4" by 5 1/4". Cut a piece of your decorative paper to be 3 3/4" by 5". Paste / glue these pieces of paper on top of one another and then to the base of your card, as shown below.

4. Stamp your chosen stamps, in my case baby rattles and a baby carriage, on to white paper. Cut the white paper around the stamps to form squares. I stamped mine in brown to match the brown paper I chose.

I have both clear mount and wooden stamps. You can see a clear mount stamp below, which is the baby rattle, where the baby carriage is a wooden mounted stamp. The benefit to clear mount is that you can see where you are stamping through the mount. You buy the mounts once and then the stamps are cheaper and you can stick each stamp to the mount. The downside is that each stamp sometimes doesn't stick to the clear mount, so I tape it. 

I get my stamps from Stampin' Up! and I really like their options.

5. Mount your white stamped images on to brown paper and trim to show just a border of the brown paper. I then mounted just the baby rattle stamp to a piece of pink paper as well.

6. You can see this in the picture above already, but I also put a pink button on the baby rattle handle as a decorative addition. I added it using a mini 3D pop up sticker.

7. I then water colored the baby carriage on the other stamped image. To do this I used a watercolor pen and colored pencils, which makes it so much easier.

I just colored the baby carriage in with colored pencils using any color I wanted, in my case I used two shades of pink. I then took the watercolor pen and colored over the same area I used the colored pencils. It adds a little bit of water to the image to make it look like you water colored it.

The beauty of the watercolor pen is that you can open it and add water to the base of the pen over and over again. The water is right inside the pen and you can reuse it forever.

8. I cut a piece of ribbon that was about 4 times the height of my baby carriage stamped image and then tied it around the left edge of the image in a double knot.

9. I then put the rattle stamped image on the card with flat tape stickers in the upper left hand corner.

10. I then used 3D pop up tape stickers to put the baby carriage stamp on to my card at an angle. I chose to put the card at an angle and slightly overlapping the baby rattle image to cover the white space in the bottom right hand corner of the battle rattle stamp.

Those are the basics of this card - enjoy and good luck!

Here is your Quick Tip reminder image!