Flower / Sunshine Homemade Card

My mom loves yellow and so for her birthday I wanted to make her a card that highlights her favorite color. I decided to make a card with a yellow flower as the centerpiece to give to her along with her birthday gift.

Here is how you can create this card yourself!

1)      Decide on the colors and paper you want to use. This is always the hardest part for me! I end up going through all my paper and it takes forever. I wish you luck…

2)      Take an 8 ½” x 11” piece of cardstock in the color you want to use as the background for your card and cut it in half so the measurements of the piece you have left are 8 ½” by 5 ½”.  Fold this piece of paper in half to make a card.

3)      Take your base color, the color you are putting at the bottom of the card, and cut it to be 4 ¼” by 2 ¼”. Rip the edge of the card that measures 4 ¼”. Rip it up, towards you, so that you get that fun white edge you can see in the picture.

4)      Tape the base color on to the card with the white edge at the top. I use photo mounting squares instead of glue to make things less messy and a little simpler.

5)      Cut a piece of paper for the stem of your flower. I used green but you can use any color you like. Cut this piece to be 3 ½” by ¼”.

I have a table paper cutter because I can't keep my lines straight with scissors.  

6)      Tape the flower stem to your card, slide the bottom of the stem in to the base color you chose so that the stem goes behind it.

7)      Cut a piece of paper from the paper you want to use for your flower. Make the measurements 12” by 1”.

8)      Use a scoring blade, which is a blade that puts a crease on your paper and makes it easier to fold but it does not cut through the paper completely, to put scores on your flower paper (the one you just cut to be 12” x 1”) every ¼ of an inch all the way down the length of the paper.

9)      Fold the scored flower paper back and forth all the way down.

10)      Wrap the flower paper in a circle so the edges touch. Flatten it down so that it becomes a circle. Tape the edges together – make it so one edge overlaps with the other so you have something to tape.

11)      Flatten the flower again, but upside down this time, and put a glue dot on the back of it to keep it in a flattened circle.

12)      Place the flower at the top of the stem you already placed on your card so that the flower is now glued to your card.

13)      Choose any button you like; put a glue dot on the back of the button and glue it to center of the flower to cover the hole created by the paper. If you don’t have a button you can also use a piece of decorative paper.

14)      I have a punch that creates a cute design to border the words ‘Happy Birthday’, but if you don’t you can just cut a rectangle. I also have a stamp that reads ‘Happy Birthday’ that I used, but if you don’t you can just write a quick note.

15)      I used a stamp pen to color just the part I wanted to stamp on to my paper out of a larger set of items on a stamp. I then took my punched out white paper and pressed it on to the back of my colored stamp to make sure the words I wanted were put in to the exact place I wanted them to be.

16)      Punch a small hole in your tag and loop a piece of string through it. Then put this string around the stem of your flower and tie it off so the tag is now tied to your flower.

You can also use this flower design as a sun on a card you are making with a different theme.

That’s it! I hope you have success with this idea!