Embossing a Birthday Card

Embossing always intimidated me, until someone put it in to a few easy to remember steps for me and now I know how easy it is! Embossing adds a special element to any handcrafted card; it adds a special effect by raising the edges of what you have stamped, kind of like metallic puffy paint but way better.

Here is a birthday card I made where I embossed the cupcake image.

To make this card, just follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Choose the paper and stamps you want to use.

Step 2: Take an 8 ½” x 11” piece of cardstock in the color you want to use as the background for your card and cut it in half so the measurements of the piece you have left are 8 ½” by 5 ½”.  Fold this piece of paper in half to make a card.

Step 3: Take your base color, the paper you are putting at the bottom of the card (in my case the flowered print paper), and cut a piece that is 2 1/4" by 5 1/2". Take the color you chose to be the strip color, that goes at the top of your base color (in my case dark purple) and cut a strip that is approximately 1/3" by 5 1/2".

Step 4: Tape / glue the two pieces of paper you just cut out on to your card so that it looks like the card below. Tape / glue the larger base piece first and then the smaller strip of paper second.

Step 5: You are going to start the embossing steps now! The first step is to take the stamp you want to have an embossed look and stamp it on to a piece of paper, I used white, with a Versamark stamp. You can get a Versamark stamp at any craft store; it is a stamp pad that leaves a 'watermark' type stamp on your paper.

Step 6: While the stamped image is still wet from being stamped, cover your stamped image with embossing powder of your choice. I also have a tray that I can catch the excess powder in to put back in the container. But, if you don't have one of these just fold a piece of paper in half and then lay it flat on the table. When you are done, you can gather the extra powder in the crease of your fold and dump it back in the original container.

You can get embossing powder, an embossing gun, and a tray to catch the excess powder at any craft store. And Michaels has coupons for 40% or more off for one item that you can print from the Michaels website. They also accept competitors coupons, so if you have a Joann's coupon go ahead and bring it to Michaels at the same time and get two items at a discount. Joann's also does weekly coupons.

Step 7: Using your embossing heat gun, emboss your stamped image until the texture of the stamped image changes. In my case it looked shiny and a little more metallic.

Step 8: Sometimes I like to put a stamp on the inside of my cards as well. I did this for this birthday card. I used my Versamark stamp pad to add a "Birthday Wishes" stamp to the inside of this card.

Step 9: To finish off this card I mounted the embossed birthday cupcake stamped image on a piece of orange cardstock and then stuck it on my card with 3D adhesive dots. I used a small blue brad in the corner of the embossed cupcake stamp image.

As a quick 3 step guide to embossing, here are the three easy steps:

  1. Stamp your stamp on to cardstock using a Versamark stamp.
  2. Cover the stamped image, while it is still wet, with embossing powder.
  3. Using your embossing heat gun, heat up the stamped image until the embossing powder turns a shiny color.

I hope you enjoy embossing!