Measurement Conversion Chart

I recently saw an awesome conversion chart idea where the conversions are put on to the inside of a kitchen cupboard door with vinyl and then there are little hooks where each measuring cup or spoon hangs. This is to save space by not having to have a drawer full of measuring cups and spoons, and you get to have an awesome conversion chart handy, not to mention it helps with organization.

I thought this was so fantastic that I just had to do it, so I went at it. I cut out all words I would need for the conversions so I could laminate them in to the inside of my cupboard; I got with my husband who helped me figure out the wood and the hooks and how to put it all up.

Then.... I measured the inside of the cupboard, my measuring cups and spoons and how much space each one would take up - there was NO WAY it was going to fit. I tried, I really did, but I have no idea how the genius behind this wonderful idea got it all inside of one kitchen cupboard door. If you can make it work, her awesome idea is pictured above on the left; the one in black.

After my excitement and planning (and ultimately failure) I decided to go a simpler route, which is what I would like to share with you today.

My Simple Solution

I decided to put all the conversions I would need in to a document, print it, laminate it and stick it on the inside of my baking cupboard door. In included some additional conversions that I found useful on my conversion chart as well. Now that I wasn't hanging my measuring cups and spoons inside the door too I had more space for more conversions.

Here is what mine looks like:

Bring on the simple life - done and done.

Feel free to download my conversion chart for yourself!