Welcome to the Party!

We are three friends who met a few years ago, but have known each other forever.  We have a passion for crafting, baking, and living.  As we sat talking about our amazing lives one day, we decided we should get together and share our experiences with the world.  We hope you enjoy our ideas as much as we do!

We wanted to share a little bit of each of us with you:


In middle school we rotated through home ec. classes and I was so excited to get to the sewing quarter I could hardly stand it. Now I was a, let's say creative dresser back then so the idea of creating my own clothes really excited me. Since then I haven't really been a seamstress of my own style but I do still love to sew. I've made everything from drawstring bags to halloween costumes and everything in between. 

I also love to create delicious things that myself and others can really enjoy and devour. I make a mean lasagna and some might argue and even better sugar cookie all of which I will be sharing with you (don't worry, you don't have to have the mad skillz I do, most of my recipes are very simple).

Since I've gotten married I've also become a big believer in budgets and will nerd it up right nice if someone gets me going and even if you don't you will be the lucky recipient of some super nerdy budget posts so yeah, look forward to that. I love my husband and my family and I can't wait to have wee ones around all the time. For the time being though I am a proud mother of a beautiful baby boy who is in heaven waiting for us and a crazy cat and dog duo that I'm sure you'll hear a lot about.


Let's be honest, I've always been awesome.  In fact, the very first cake I ever baked (when I was 6) was a huge hit - even though I mistook cornstarch for flour and they came out hard as bricks - my family said they were awesome, and I've been baking ever since.  While I do love to sew and craft, my passion is baking.  I don't have any fears of playing with recipes and making them my own.

I am also sadly single, so I will probably be hitting you up with some "cooking for one" recipes that you can try out as well.  However, I might be able to find some really good "cooking for two" recipes and convince someone to marry me right quick.  (If it works for me, I will let you know and you can use the same tactics to your advantage.)

I also love to travel and do so on a very low budget, I will share those tips and tricks so you can see the world too.


Over the last two years I have taught myself how to sew, learned how to cook real meals for two, and began crafting more than ever. I began preparing for a future family with the anticipation that once I have children there won't be enough time. I have worked full time and continued to pursue my love for volleyball (I am 6 feet tall so I had to do something with my height), while also enjoying as much time as I can with my husband. Although, since he works each weekend and I work throughout the week there is plenty of time for creating and experimenting, which is what I plan to share with each of you!

Rachel, Ellie, Kitty and Undisclosed Guest, and Our Canine Friend Emma